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Photography is my personal and professional passion and with over twenty years in business, this is a celebratory time both for my business and personal life.  With more clicks than I can count on my cameras, I feel thankful and fortunate to have met and worked with so many wonderful and inspiring people along the way. I thank my long time, loyal clients (many ten years or more!) and appreciate those new ones who I will soon have the pleasure to collaborate with! 


Every day I meet dynamic and interesting entrepreneurs and philanthropists and have the opportunity to capture the essence of San Diego through its remarkable events and important causes.  I enjoy showcasing San Diego’s people, through my editorial and marketing work and through portraits, where clients can see just how photogenic they truly are. It is gratifying for me to see these photos used in many venues!   


I am so fortunate to have a wonderful husband and three kids who make me smile and laugh every day.  I love to walk my dog, cook, watch a good movie, eat a nice dinner out, and have a good workout!  Plus, I am always grateful for a beautiful San Diego sunset, the chance to travel to new places, and appreciating what life has to offer each day. 

I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon. 

Melissa Jacobs

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